Rapidly Find Node In Smart Form

This is a nice trick to rapidly find any node in a SAP Smart Form using a search functionality (or CTRL + F). To be able to search any SAP smart form node, we will have to enable \’Additional Control Services\’ setting (available in the GUI options).


Step 1: Enable \’Additional Control Services\’ in SAP GUI Options.

Click on the \’GUI Options\’ or \’Customize Local Layout\’ button (please refer to the below screenshot) and select \’Options\’.


On the next screen which appears, click on \’Control Settings\’ and check \’Enable addition control services\’.



Step 2: Generate the Smart form as HTML Page via \’Print\’ option.

Now to search for a specific node in a Smart Form, first expand all the nodes in the Smart Form.

Then right click on any main node and select \’Services > Print\’ from the list.



Step 3: Search for a smart form element or node   

The smart form will open in \’Internet Explorer\’ as an HTML page. To search for a specific node, just press the button \’CTRL + F\’ and search any required text.


Voila… 🙂

Hope this helps.