ABAP Predefine Types

Please find below SAP ABAP predefined types:

Type Length Standard Length Description Detailed Description
b 1 byte 1 byte integer (internal)
c 1 to 65,535 characters 1 character Text field • Default type when none is specified.
• Used for regular text information.
• Value padded right end with spaces.
cursor as i as i Database cursor
d 8 characters Date field • Fixed length of 8 and internal representation of YYYYMMDD using Gregorian calendar.
• Set default output format in your User Profile.
• Supports date arithmetic.
f 8 bytes Floating point number • Used in all types of calculations. Be careful of rounding errors and do not compare using equivalent operator.
i 4 bytes 4 byte integer • Fixed length of 4 bytes.
n 1 to 65,535 characters 1 character Numeric text • Strings of digits.
• Value padded left end with zeros.
p 1 to 16 bytes 8 bytes Packed number • Numbers stored in compressed formats that is in 2 digits per byte of storage.
• Can be used for all types of calculations
string variable Text string • A sets of characters.
s 2 bytes 2 byte integer (internal)
t 6 characters Time field • Fixed length of 6 and format HHMMSS.
• Supports time arithmetic.
t 7 characters Time field • Hexadecimal values are stored in binary format for example in \’1001000011111000\’.
xstring variable Byte string