Spool Columns Not Display Properly in a Background Job


If we are printing data in spool via background job and the data are not displayed properly, it must be because of the printer specifications format set in the background job.


To make columns appears correctly in the spool, we will have to choose the appropriate format (please refer to below screenshot) for the output device being used.



Steps to change the format:

Step 1: When creating the step of the job in transaction SM36, please click on the button ‘Print Specifications’.



Step 2: On the next screen, please enter the appropriate output device, in this case we will used ‘LOCL’ and click on the button ‘Properties’.


Step 3: On the next screen, double click ‘Format’ (please refer to below screenshot) and change the format to the required size.



The following format will be available, based on the data to be displayed, choose the appropriate one.