Upload A Logo in Smartforms via the Transaction Code SE78

To upload a logo in SAP smart form is very easy, just go to transaction SE78 and follow the following steps to upload the logo on SAP:

Step 1: In SE78, double click on ‘BMAP Bitmap Images’:

Step 2: A popup will appears, browse the logo and enter a name.

Note: If you are uploading a color logo, select the radio button ‘Color Bitmap Image’.

Step 3: Once all the details have been filled, press the button ‘Tick’ or just press ‘Enter’. The graphic/logo will be stored in SAP.

Once the logo/graphic has been uploaded, we will add the logo in a smart form window.

Step 4: Right click on the smart form window in which we want to add the logo/graphic and select ‘Create > Graphic’.

Step 5: In the general attributes, add the logo information we have uploaded.

Activate the smart form and when viewing the smart form the logo will appear.

Note: Regarding the resolution, we can select the appropriate resolution.



In case we want to find the resolution of the actual logo, we will find it in the logo attributes in SE78.

Step 1: In SE78, search the logo by clicking on the match code:

Step 2: Enter the logo name we want to search:

Step 3: Once SAP found the logo, press ‘Enter’ to display the logo properties.

When the logo properties will appear, we will found the logo resolution in the technical attributes (please refer to the below screenshot).