Output Type Not Process During Post Goods Issue

If you are having an issue where the output type is not turning green (processed):

  • during post goods issue in the delivery
  • upon receiving an iDoc which will do the post goods issue (PGI)
  • any other process in background where the output type is supposed to be processed

Then one possible reason may be due to an incorrect SAP configuration.



Normally, the program RSNAST00 is responsible for processing of output types. The program RSNAST00 will process entry found in table NAST where the field NAST-VSZTP equals to 1 or 2. Thus, if the output type has not been processed means that maybe no line was added in table NAST or a line was added but the field NAST-VSZTP does not equals to 1 or 2. You may refer to the post for more information on program RSNAST00.


Possible Solution:

According to OSS note 509475, one possible solution is to enable the output determination in transaction VL10CUC (\”Parameter per Profile in Delivery Process\”).

Configuration Steps:

Step 1: In transaction code \’VL10CUC\’, double click on the delivery creation \’2000\’

Step 2: Untick the checkbox \’No OutputDet.\’ (as shown in the picture below) to enable output type determination


Please note that output type can be configured in transaction VV22, VV23, etc…