Creating Routine Using VOFM in SAP

1. Go to the transaction code VOFM.

2. In the menu bar, choose between Table > Display or Table > Maintain

3. The screenshot shows an example when modifying subroutine in VOFM responsible for the Data Transfer > Billing Documents.


4. Below is a list of all the sub routines in this specific VOFM (Data Transfer > Billing Documents)


5. Here, I will modify the sub routine 913 or 917.

6. To modify a specified sub routine, double click on the sub routine to modify.

Please Note: That you will required an ACCESS KEY in order to be able to make any modifications to the routine. ACCESS KEY is independent for each sub routine.

Important: After transporting modify VOFM subroutines to other environments, please execute the program \’\’RV80HGEN\’  in SE38 to activate all subroutines. If this action is not carried out, the following exception (VOFM Error) will be raised:

The exception, which is assigned to class \'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_FORM\', was
not caught in							
procedure \"VBRK_VBRP_DATENTRANSPORT\" \"(FORM)\", nor was it propagated by a							
RAISING clause.							
Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the							
exception would occur, the current program is terminated.							
The reason for the exception is:							
The program \"SAPLV60A\" is meant to execute an external PERFORM,							
namely the routine \"DATEN_KOPIEREN_601\" of the program \"SAPFV60C\", but							
this routine does not exist.