SAP Signature Theme With Colors in SAP Logon 7.30

The new version of SAP Logon 7.30 is out which comes with a new modern SAP Signature Theme. The new modern SAP Signature theme comes with a palette of different colours, allowing users to change the theme colour in different environment. This option was not available in the previous version of the signature theme.







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Some features of SAP 7.30:

  • Corbu Design: New SAP GUI design,
  • Signature Color Theme: Different colours for different system, easier to differentiate between production environment and development environment,
  • Branding Area: Company logo can be added to the top right corner of the SAP screen,
  • Floating Docking Containers: Containers can be position individually,
  • Personalised Tab Order: Easily personalise the order of TAB

Download SAP Logon 7.30:             Download Link

SAP GUI 7.30 Installation Guide:     View Guide

Please note that the SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 will be out of support as from 9th April 2013, make sure your SAP logon is up-to-date to be able to enjoy these new features. 🙂