Exporting/Importing More Than One Parameters To/From Memory ID

To export more than one parameters (internal table, variable, structures) to Memory ID, please use the following code:

lt_tab1 FROM lt_table1
lt_tab2 FROM lt_table2
lv_var1 FROM lv_variable1

To import more than one parameters (internal table, variable, structures) from Memory ID, please use the following code:

lt_tab1 TO lt_table1
lt_tab2 TO lt_table2
lv_var1 TO lv_variable1
FROM MEMORY ID lc_memo_id1.

Please note that it is not necessary to declare \’lt_tab1, lt_tab2 and lv_var1\’, this is used just as a reference from the importing program. Using this technique, the name of the importing table does not need to have the same name of the exporting table.