Finding SD User Exits Using SPRO

We can quickly find all user exits available in SD using transaction SPRO.

Step 1:

Go to transaction SPRO and double click on \’SAP Reference IMG\’.



Step 2:

On the next screen, navigate to \”Sales and Distribution > System Modifications > User Exits\” to view all user exits (highlighted in the screenshot below) available in SD.



Step 3:

To view all user exits available for \”User Exits for Partner Determination\”, please view the documentation (by clicking on the button shown in the screenshot below). The documentation will provide us all user exits available.


For example, when viewing the documentation of \”User Exits for Partner Determination\”, we can noticed that the following user exits are available:

  • EXIT_SAPLV09A_001
  • EXIT_SAPLV09A_002
  • EXIT_SAPLV09A_003
  • EXIT_SAPLV09A_004